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For the lovers of two wheelers, Tenuta Fonti is located at the center of ways suitable for beginners and experts. The trails are immersed in the woods with numerous sights of the sea and with many places of great historical importance to visit such as the splendid Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere. As a particular interest, it should be noted, the suggestive via Verde on the Costa dei Trabocchi and, for the more experienced, the renowned and more demanding "gran fondo di Venere". For those who want to explore the most remote and suggestive places, it is also possible to book an excursions expert guide.

Trekking and excursions

The estate offers many variety of different types of difficulties routes; some are more suitable for those who prefer to enjoy relaxing walks and/or challenging walks. In addition to trails, for all mountain lovers, the nearby Majella massif is full of marked trails and suitable for everyone. There are available maps of routes with descriptions, altimetries and various difficulties. An expert guide and round trip transport are also available.

PassoLanciano - Majelletta ski area

The ski area is located in the Majella National Park.
Location: Pretoro (at 57 km)

Pizzoferrato ski area –Gamberale

Short but scenic downhill slopes (two blue and two red)

Location: Pizzoferrato and Gamberale (at 58 km)

Itinerary on the Costa of Trabocchi
Staring from San Vito Chietino and, following the coastal strip of Abruzzo facing the Adriatic sea, reaches Rocca San Giovanni and Punta Cavalluccio. The stretch of the Abruzzi coast between Vasto and Ortona is characterized by the presence of particular wooden constructions similar to stilt houses the "Trabocchi". ". These structures, once used for fishing at sea, belonged to the so-called "Trap net", as local fishermen used to fish avoiding the use of boats. Strong and fair as the people who built them.

Along the SS 16 (Adriatic Sea)are located these Trabocchi that reveal themselves in the eyes of the visitor, to attract the attention even of the most distracted. The "Coast of Trabocchi" reveals, to those who seek it, its special ancient, simple, reserved beauty.

Some Trabocchi are for private use (once they were inherited like any other precious commodity, because they were precious, guaranteeing the survival of entire families of fishermen). Others have been turned into small restaurants. Some of them have survived storms and powerful winds coming from the sea. Other instead, have collapsed and gone destroyed, and abandoned to their sad and unjust fate troughout the decades.


Fossacesia Marina
White pebble beach dominated by Trabocchi, ancient fishing machines stretched out over the sea and dominated by the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere.
Beach Le Morge, Torino di Sangro
4 km of golden sandy beach (at 9 km).
"Punta Aderci" Regional Nature Reserve, Vasto
Evocative dune beach, surrounded by typical Mediterranean vegetation (km 30).

Religious itineraries

Abbey of St. John in Venus
Benedictine Abbey built in the VI century on the remains of a temple dedicated to the goddess Venus and enlarged in Gothic-Cistercian style in the 12th century.
Location: Fossacesia (at 2 km)
Basilica Madonna of the Miracles
Dedicated to the Most Holy Mother of Miracles, who appeared to a peasant in 1576, revealing to him as a storm had struck the town the day before. A destination for pilgrimages, it is described by Gabriele D'Annunzio in the Triumph of Death.
Location: Casalbordino (at 8 km)
Sanctuary of the Eucharistic Miracle
The main religious destination is the Eucharist which has become the body and blood of Jesus.
Location: Lanciano (at 15 km)
Cathedral of St. Thomas the Apostle
The remains of the Apostle Thomas are preserved there
Location: Ortona (12 km)
Celestinian Hermitage, Madonna of the Altar
At 1300m altitude, it witnesses the ascetic life of Peter of Morrone, the consecrated hermit Pope Celestino V in 1294. His pontificate lasted only 5 months because he renounced his choice to the tiara, that is why Dante appealed to him in the Divine Comedy as "he whom for the cowardice made the great refusal".
Location: Palena (at 56 km)

Historical-cultural itineraries

Hermitage D'Annunziano
house museum of Gabriele d'Annunzio, who stayed in the summer of 1899 together with Barbara Leoni, chosen and recommended by his friend Michetti for the particular beauty of the places. During this stay the poet wrote "The Triumph of Death", an autobiographical narration of his great Roman love from the first meeting with Barbara to the two months spent with her in the Hermitage on the promontory.
Guided tours
Location: San Vito Chietino (6 km)

Archaeological Area of ​​Iuvanum
Monumental remains of the ancient Iuvanum, one of the most important regional archaeological sites: paved streets, a hole and baths of Roman origin.
Location: Montenerodomo (at 47 km)
Monte Campano Naturalistic Archaeological Park
The megalithic walls of Monte Pallano are the remains of a powerful fortification presumably erected by the ancient Lucani of Sangro.
Location: Tornareccio (at 34 km)
The Country of Chalk
Medieval village built along the profile of the excavated and modeled rock. Suggestive example of "biological architecture" that has characterized the history of the villages of the territory.
Location: Gessopalena (at 39 km)
Sacred area of ​​the Italic temples
Remains of two Roman temples flanked, with the monumental altar and the necropolis dating back to the 10th century BC
Location: Schiavid'Abruzzo (at 67 km)
Canadian military cemetery
The fallen of the Commonwealth of the Second World War.
Location: Ortona (10 km)
British military cemetery
Location Torino di Sangro (4 km)

Fun and Enjoyment

Zoo Safari Park of Abruzzo
Location: Rocca San Giovanni (8 km)
Water park Location: Vasto (25 km)
Rafting on the rapids of the Aventino river
Challenge the Aventine's rapids by testing the adventurous spirit with a raft or kayak excursion, a walk in bed and on the banks of the river (water trekking) or a night-time night-ride.

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